A full tri-wall bins will have a minimum of 850 net lbs. to a maximum of 1000 net lbs. of grapes.   Tare weight can range form 40 lbs to 65 lbs depending upon the weight of the pallet used under the bin.  Usually each bin is weighed separately.  Full load shipments can have as high as 21 tons of  net grapes but normally shipments are between 20 to 21 tons.  A lot depends upon the tare weight of the truck. 

With our ability to hold grapes a considerable length of time, the date of shipment is coordinated with the buyer's needs.  All freight costs are pre arranged with the truck broker.  For any partial shipment, arrangements are usually made to have multiple drops  to other wineries.  This added service reduces freight costs to you.  Freight costs can normally run from $300.00 to $ 350.00/ton to the East Coast.