All grapes are hand-picked into small containers. The grapes are placed in small bins (¼-ton plastic cherry bins) for wineries or 36 pound net  lugs for home winemakers. Grapes are placed in refrigerated trailers, hauled to cold storage, immediately placed in fast pre-cooled rooms for a minimum of 48 hours, and gassed with sulfur-dioxide. Grapes are then stored in refrigerated rooms until shipping.

2015 OVZ yellow.jpg

Picking tubs

Grapes are hand-picked into small picking tubs as shown above.            Old Vine Zinfandel - Lodi, CA



For wineries, grapes are placed from picking tubs into quarter-ton cherry bins, that are vented for cold storage. Pinot Noir - Lodi, CA

sangio close boxes.jpg

36 pound lugs

 For the home winemaker, grapes are field-packed from picking tubs into net weight 36 pound lugs for shipping. Sangiovese - Tracy Foothills, CA