How We Ship

We can arrange trucking throughout the continental United States and Canada. With our ability to hold grapes a considerable length of time, the shipping date can be coordinated with the buyer’s needs. In order to accommodate small orders, we combine shipments to several customers on a single load. This allows for the coordination of a full truck, as opposed to LTL shipping, and cost savings.

Shipping Address

We ship from our cold storage facility near Fresno, CA. This address should be used for all drop offs and pick ups of grapes:

5054 S. Portola Avenue, Del Rey, CA, 93616 | Site Manager: Gilbert Lopez | (559) 888-2156

    New pallets sangio.jpg

    Home winemakers - lugs

    For the home wine maker, grapes are shipped in 36 or 42 pound net weight plastic or wooden lugs. F. Colavita & Son grapes are shipped under the brands Colavita’s Northern Special, Sunniland, Continental, and Medaglia D’Oro


    Wineries - Triwall cardboard bins

    Within 24 hours of shipping, the cold grapes are placed into tri-walled, double-lined, one-way disposable cardboard bins. A full tri-wall bin typically weighs between 850 and 1,000 net pounds of grapes. Upon receipt of your shipment, grapes should be immediately processed and not stored in transportation bins for any extended period of time.